Club Members & Activities – July 2016

This is our old, classic,  antique and veteran car club. If you are interested in automobile memories and touring, check us out. PIZZA RUN – JULY 16, 2016 AT SUNSET PIZZERIA We had a very good turn out, 33 in all, for our party. There were several varieties of pizza and a good time was had by all. Thank you to everyone that attended.

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Car Story “Straight gas”

I would like to thank Gene for sharing his information about where to find straight gas at our July meeting. Being from the Southwestern Virginia area, it is a term you often hear when discussing with others, why your car is not running as you think it should. Mechanics would often suggest you put some straight gas in your car, take it out on the interstate and run it up to a hundred in order to blow out the motor and clean out the fuel system. Straight gas always had higher octane and fewer additives. I currently have a 1987 Mercedes 560 SL.

SL runs very well,the top goes down and it is fun to drive, however it could run smoother and have a little better response. Over the last few years I have serviced the fuel system, tuned her up and have taken her out on the Freeway to blow out the motor, all resulting with little or no significant change. On the way home from the July meeting I kept thinking about Gene’s straight gas and would that be the answer to my performance issue? I tend to be cheap so going to Gene’s straight gas might have a higher cost then SAMs Club or Costco. I looked at the gas gauge and it was on R which means it’s almost to E. I don!t know why Mercedes has an R before E but they mean the same; you’re out of gas. I pulled into a Shell Station and there on the pump, just as Gene described, was a red square indicating high octane straight gas which happened to be on sale so I filled her up. I leave the Shell, drive a ways and stop at a light and notice the SL is idling smooth. I head to the Freeway to open her up. I get to the on ramp with no one in our way, I mash the accelerator, we are gone, 70 , 80, 90. I look into the rear view mirror and notice a car with blue lights going as fast as me and the driver is waving at me. The Officer acknowledged Gene’s straight gas had solved my performance problems, and she idled smooth as silk while he wrote up a warning ticket. Gene thanks for your help.

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