Eating, Drinking, and Socializing

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Do you enjoy eating drinking, and socializing? Sure you do. The Touring club does also, just for the fun of it and we wish you could as well. Easily done just drop in at a meeting and check out our schedule.

VMCCA High Rollers had our first social evening for this year on Saturday, April 1. Thanks to all who participated, we had a great turnout with about 47 in attendance. We filled the room at The Hush Puppy restaurant on West Charleston. The Hush Puppy has been around since the seventies and not much has changed there. They are known for their salad bar, catfish, shrimp, and ribs. Most of us had one or more of those entries.
Thirteen cars were driven to this event and lined up out in front of the restaurant to the delight of other patrons and people just passing by on Charleston. The manager of the restaurant was thrilled with having all of us and the cars there.
All seemed to enjoy the opportunity to eat together and enjoy conversing with others around the tables. Thanks to Barbara and Dion for calculating bills and managing the collection of money and paying our bill.


Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 6.50.13 PM

We also like to enter other automobile activities in the Las Vegas area

Club and non-club activities of interest



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