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Welcome to the High Rollers Car club.  This time I am sharing relevant pages from our newsletter.  This will give an idea of who we are, our cars, and what we are going to do in the coming year.

This time I am going to start with something a bit different, a slideshow of some of our cars at recent events.  We have about 19 images and more detail on the events later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nuts & Notes April 2017-7-2

Nuts & Notes April 2017-6-3

Nuts & Notes April 2017-4

Nuts & Notes April 2017-6-5Nuts & Notes April 2017-7-6Nuts & Notes April 2017-7-7Nuts & Notes April 2017-7-8Nuts & Notes April 2017-7-10Nuts & Notes April 2017-7-12

Yes, we welcome you, your car(s) and your car stories, your participation.

Webmaster Bob

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