Coming Activities

February 19 – Valley of Fire – Lunch in Overton

March 12 – St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Henderson

April 3-9 – Western National Tour – St. George UT

April 23 – Las Ventanas Show

May 21 – Club Picnic at the Orchard

June 18 (Tentative) Bus Trip to Peterson/Nethercutt

July 17 – Pizza Run at Rosati’s

August 20 – Heinrich’s Car Collection

September 17 – Tuachan Tour & Show

October – Show & Shine or Turkey Shoot (Tentative)

November – Goff’s Schoolhouse Tour

December 3 – Santa’s Electric Light Parade in Boulder City

December – Christmas Party & Awards Banquet

Important Information about Monthly Meeting Location:

Dear Members,

We would like to report that we will have a new meeting place for our High Roller Meetings beginning January 6, 2022.

Meeting day ( the first Thursday of the month) and the time of 6 PM Social Hour and 7 PM Meeting will remain the same.

New Venue:  Marie Callendar’s, 8175 West Sahara Ave.  It is a free standing building on the SE corner of W. Sahara and Cimmaron.  We will have a private room just off the entrance and to the right with sliding doors to shut out restaurant noise and create privacy.  The room is quite large and can accommodate up to 50 people.  We will be able to order off of the regular menu.  As long as our dinners total $250.00 each meeting there will be no extra charge for the room.  If we don’t meet that minimum the club will have to make up the difference.  Note:  The purchase of whole pies will not be considered as part of the minimum total.

We know that our current meeting place has not been satisfactory for a number of reasons, but it has become more and more difficult to find a suitable place that won’t charge an arm and a leg for the room in addition to food.  John and I have been looking for a very long time ( and thanks to those few of you who offered your own time and effort to locate a new venue).  To those of you who might question our decision:  It is written in the by-laws of the National VMCCA that it is the responsibility of the Secretary to find a suitable place to hold monthly meetings.  It is not strictly a Board decision, nor is it a club decision.  However, before signing the contract, we did have 5 of the 8 votes of the Executive Board in agreement.

We hope you will all be content with our new venue in 2022.  Please come to the meetings and support our High Rollers Chapter of the VMCCA.  We need you!

Judy Pendergast


John Pendergast


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