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Vehicle Modification Policy – Revised 2/2020

Our club is about preserving and touring classic, vintage and veteran automobiles. We are a chapter of the VMCCA, the Vintage Motor Club of America. Our club name is the High Rollers Chapter, located in Las Vegas, NV.

VMCCA Regions and Chapters are welcome to use their discretion in establishing requirements for their own local tours and events. The final decision to accept or reject any modified or customized vehicle shall rest with the Tour Director or Event Chairperson.

Touring, which represents the Club’s primary form of exhibition, requires club vehicles to be driven on public roads and highways and may necessitate the modification or alteration of various components to provide for the safety of the vehicle, passengers, and the public. Recognizing that touring requires operation of these vehicles for extended periods – and in regions of our country where weather and road conditions may be extreme – modifications which enhance reliability, safety, drivability, and driver/passenger comfort shall be deemed acceptable, providing the exterior appearance and body profile of the vehicle is substantially preserved as originally manufactured and that all personalized items and accessories are period-correct for the vehicle in question.

Modifications and alterations that significantly change the vehicle’s original exterior profile – where the obvious intent of the modification is not for the primary purpose of safety, comfort, drivability, or reliability – present an inappropriate impression of the aim and purpose of the VMCCA and shall not be permitted on VMCCA National Tour or sponsored event. These requirements shall apply only for VMCCA National Tours and events.

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